Kenyatta's Accomplishments

As a first term city council member, Kenyatta has already made a significant impact on the Second District.

Providing Tax Relief.

Kenyatta opposed AVI, but after its passage home values in the Second District shot up, in some cases dramatically. Kenyatta introduced legislation to make sure people weren't taxed out of their homes by expanding the reach of the LOOP tax relief program. He also voted against repealing a tax credit for low-income Philadelphians. 

Fighting for Schools.

Kenyatta took the lead on school safety at Bartram High, bringing parents, students, and educators together to create stronger, more open lines of communication that have led to improved conditions. He brokered the deal that prevented E.M. Stanton Elementary School from closing. And he took the fight for better schools to Harrisburg, leading busloads of Philadelphians through the halls of the State Capital to advocate for increased school funding.

Strengthening Neighborhoods.

In addition, Kenyatta delivered more than $3 million in investments in public parks and rec centers in the Second District, creating and protecting green space for children and families. He also led the fight to repair and re-launch FDR Park playground, delivering $100,000 to repair damage caused by vandals.

Improving Public Safety.

In addition to founding an anti-gun violence initiative, Peace Not Guns, Kenyatta helped outlaw the sale of realistic toy guns, increase the penalties for selling or using BB guns, and secure additional funding to expand a women’s shelter for victims of domestic abuse.